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Marthena is the founder and the owner of Zanlana, a handmade all-natural luxury bath, body, and beauty product’s brand. Marthena’s curiosity and love for all things botanical and perfumery has been the driving force of her lifelong adventure. From an early age, she was entranced by fragrance as a tool to accentuate the positive and transform the body and mood with happiness.

She suffers from a debilitating condition called Fibromyalgia which causes widespread chronic pain, and so she was looking for ways to help with some of the pain. That’s where she started with her bath salts and decided to take it that step further by creating beautifully scented bath soaks that also help with aching bodies.

“At that time, I was also looking for a way to ease my working life as it was becoming too much for me to be constantly on my feet for hours to the point of almost crippling. Zanlana is a means to a happier place for both myself and our customers.”

Marthena, the Founder of Zanlana


Growing up her love of beauty and especially handmade luxurious bath and body products made this a focus of her life and personal expression. Being obsessed with personal care & beauty, she always wanted to develop her own brand. Finally, she decided to pursue her dreams and took a keen interest in all aspects of planning her own brand called, “Zanlana”.

“I love being creative especially when it comes to working with my hands. I am obsessed with perfume, botanicals, and all things natural, which is how Zanlana came to be.”


“Zanlana is for those of different hues and backgrounds can come together to share their thoughts, learn how to take the best care of their body, and enhance their innate abilities and radiance's.”

Marthena, the Founder of Zanlana


Marthena Founder Zanlana 

ABN: 98 039 193 373