Vanilla Espresso Milk Bath

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Vanilla Espresso Milk Bath

A coffee lovers dream. You will simply love soaking in a bath filled with my lightly vanilla scented coffee espresso milk bath

The residual caffeine and antioxidants in the espresso grounds will help give your skin an clean. Caffeine in coffee may also aid in the fight against cellulite. Caffeine has strong anti-inflammatory properties that make it suitable for reducing inflammation. The grounded coffee beans will provide you with a gentle exfoliation while cleaning away all the dead cells.

The added Magnesium may also help in providing a little relief from those tired aching muscles.


  • Magnesium Sulphate
  • Milk Powder
  • Espresso Coffee Beans
  • Vanilla Extract

Instructions for use

Add 1/2-1 cup to warm running water, then sit back and relax This gorgeous soak will leave your skin feeling so soft and supple…

As the caffeine does absorb into the skin and ultimately enters the bloodstream, you should be mindful of when you take your bath.

Please note that I do not use any anti-clumping agent, so you may notice that with this soak, clumping occurs whilst in the packaging, this is due to the moisture coming from the milk powder and is completely normal. Gently shake the packet to break down any clumps

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